Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Goddess Necklace: Sulis

This necklace is made from 9 hand-strung strands of glass beads (clear, aqua blue, dark teal blue) braided together, a wire focal with a wire wrapped glass gem and hand beaded wire dangles, and hand made wire closures on both sides of the focal.

Sulis was a the celtic goddess of the thermal springs in Bath (now Somerset, Britain).  The Romans referred to her as Sulis Minerva.  The root meaning of her name is "Eye", alluding to her ability as a Seer.  Due to orange tint and warmth of the mineral rich waters she presides over, she also is associated with the Sun.  It was believed that her Springs were able to heal, and that she would bestow blessings or curses on her patrons' behalf.

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