Friday, July 6, 2012

Seeing the Trees and the Forest

I've been working more and more with wire wrapping.  My most recent ventures into it are with tree pendants.  With the success of the two I've made so far, I've started planning out other designs for the trees, though I think I have found my personal style in making these.  I will also be trying out other wire wrapping projects too (as I find time).

I am also planning on slowly adding a line of sterling silver items.  I really do prefer them over silver plated, but the cost is so high for them that I may only be making limited amounts of them.  There are also such a large number of wonderful supplies that are made of base and plated metals that I really don't think I want to limit myself too much, creatively.

Currently, I'm still working on the gold grandmother necklace that was commissioned.  Finally got the last pieces I needed, so I hope to have it done by Monday.  I also have two possible separate orders that I need to work out the details on (pricing for a tree pendant, and more pictures of my Dr. Who inspired watch necklace).  I've been also working out details for a wedding order of barefoot sandals; the design was approved, but details regarding the location will determine if they will be ordered or not.  I've been seriously delayed on a lot of things... my kids were both sick late last week and early this week and they are still a little 'under the weather', so that ate up a lot of my time.

Other than that, I've been selling items on Tophatter still.  I'm changing my direction a little on there, for the time being.  Etsy sales are still slow, but I don't have the time to promote my items there, which is really necessary for success on that venue (especially with jewelry).  Still, the pace of my orders and sales are suitable and balanced with the pace of my job and home life.  That's definitely a good thing.

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