Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goddess Series: Aphrodite

This necklace features tiny seashells, fresh water pearls, rose quartz chips, various glass beads, and a heart-shaped clasp.  I picture this would have been the type of necklace Aphrodite would have worn before she was ordered to marry Hephaestus, or something that one of her lovers or admirers would have given her.

Aphrodite is a well known Greek goddess; also known as Venus in the Roman mythologies.  The name "Aphrodite" means "sea foam", which comes from one of the stories of her creation.  The story told by Hesiod is what inspired this necklace.  In that tale, Ouranus (also known as Uranus, and father to the gods) was castrated by his son, Cronus.  Cronus disposed of the severed testes by throwing them into the ocean.  From the genitals of Ouranus and the foam of the sea, a woman was conceived.  She was fully developed from birth.  She was beautiful, nubile, and extremely sensual.

As most know, she is the representation of sexual rapture, beauty, and love.

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