Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goddess Series: Kali Ma

This necklace takes inspiration from Kali Ma's outfit.  It features green dyed howlite skulls, which remind me of the heads Kali Ma wears as a necklace, and wavy metal drops which are reminiscent of the arms she wears as a skirt.  With the skulls are gemstones in varying shades of green, representing the earth that she both saved and nearly destroyed.  (Matching earrings were made to go with this necklace.  Images of them may be added at a later date.)

Kali Ma is a darker Hindu goddess whose name is derived from the Hindu words "time" and "black".  Though she is often referred to as the goddess of destruction, she was manifested from the need to protect the world from evil beings that the other gods were unable to overcome.  (Shiva was not able to be stirred from meditation, so his consort Pavarti was asked to help.  It was at this time that she became Kali Ma.)  As she slayed the invaders, she drank their blood, growing intoxicated in the process.  Unfortunately, she became consumed by her power and rage that after her adversaries were defeated, she continued her deadly dance, threatening to destroy the world she was trying to protect.  Her mate, Shiva, laid on the ground, beneath her stomping feat,  to save the earth from her destructive force.

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