Monday, January 30, 2012

Follow Up #1: "Problems and Solutions"

"Problem:  Because my items are meant to be worn, I really need to have them modelled."

I spoke with my younger brother's fiance and four work friends and all were happy to be my models.  They would represent my focus customer base very well, I think.  I'm still working out what payment options I will offer, but am leaning towards giving them a choice between:  a) a discount on future jewelry purchases, or b) free items from a selection of jewelry.  I mentioned the possibility of this choice and each seemed more than happy with it (though none expected payment).  I'm very fortunate to have people like them in my life.

"Problem:  Promoting my items and finding more venues."

I spoke with one of my friends (and model-to-be) and she gave me a number of avenues to look into, both in specific festivals/events and locations.  She definitely gave me a lot to look into and said she's willing to offer up more as well as going on hunting expeditions for stores that might be willing to carry my jewelry.

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