Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've started trying out for selling jewelry and testing out interest.  It also works well as a form of advertisement.  The set-up is a "live" auction.  People get together in the auction room, wait for the items they are interested in come up, and then bid, bid, bid.  It's quick paced and eye-opening.

The first item I listed was my Lotus Lariat Necklace.  I was so nervous that I had dreams about the auction (especially the morning of the auction).  Also, I ran into a bit a snag with Tophatter, which caused my listing to be unscheduled, but a rep assisted in rectifying the situation.  When the auction time came, I monitored when mine was to come up loosely, as I had both my children climbing all over me with unusually high levels of tenacity and unending energy.  (Nevermind that they were going to bed early all of the week before... That night they were making up for it.)  I did note that only one person seemed to set up an alert for my item, and no one was talking about it, which I took as a bad sign.  Throughout the other lots, people would say comments about different items or the item that was up, but would also talk about shows they are watching and chit-chatting about random topics.

When my lot came up, all the side talk stopped.  There were a number of positive comments about the item, two questions, but mostly, people just bid like crazy.  The starting bid was $12... The end bid was $40 (which did not include the shipping).  I was pleasantly shocked, called my mom, my husband, and my oldest sister (who tends to under value my work because I am her sister).  None of them seemed overly surprised (even my sister, surprisingly).

So I have another item listed for tomorrow (the dark green pendant in the picture with a chain) and am curious how it will do.  Click HERE to see it.  I've been told that my items are a great deal, which is good in some ways and not so good in others ways (because the price of the item also represents to many the quality of the item).  Tophatter might help me figure out a number of things, especially about the interest level in various items I make.
Other than that, I have an order for a necklace and matching drop earrings with possible other orders coming in from the same customer.  His wife put in a good word at her spa (which also sells jewelry on consigment) and they are interested in seeing my items.  I also have April Art Month to try out for at the farmers market nearby (it's a juried event) and another order that I have to experiment with as it involves techniques I haven't tried yet.

So... things are picking up a bit, but still not like Christmas; a much steadier and more reasonable pace for the time being.

Hope to see you at my auction(s).  :-)

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