Friday, January 27, 2012

New Etsy Store

I've decided to open a new storefront on Etsy.  It felts too confusing for my store name (Melusine's Jewels) and my account name (mankycat) to be so different.  Cohesiveness, I felt, was needed.

So, I'll be starting fresh.  I didn't have much feedback on my old store front; people would forget to leave it or the item was sent as a gift to the recipient and not necessarily the gifter.  I needed to take new pictures for all my current listings using the information I've gathered from my research.  I'm doing a major overhaul.  I may also phase out my mankycat blog... We'll see.

There's so much to take in.  I really believe in my product and really believe it could do well.

As an aside, I've made two more birds nest necklaces.  One is in gold and brown wire with turquoise stone beads and the other is made of wire in three shades of blue with two sades of blue beads and a grey-blue freshwater pearl.  I'd post pictures... but I really want to get better pictures of them first.

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