Friday, January 13, 2012

Melusine's Jewels!

Welcome to my new blog, dedicated to my jewelry line, sales, and perhaps some creative inspirations.  On my other creative blog, Sew Mankycat, I posted two entries regarding my blooming endeavors with making jewelry, working mainly with "fried marbles", which began approximately in July 2011.  These endeavors have been flourishing, and spreading into new avenues of pursuit.  I'm loving it!!!

The first two entries on the subject are Fried Marbles and Creative Movement....  The more I thought of it though, the more I felt I needed to keep my jewelry making and my other creative projects separate.  My jewelry making and my other arts/crafts just feel so different that one seemed to weigh too heavily on the other.

Christmas was a busy time for me.  I had constant orders coming in and was also making jewelry for my family, friends, co-workers, and my son's daycare teachers (actually everyone there since they all help with my children).  That's a lot of work!  Now, I'm in a lull of orders and can pursue other styles and ideas, which is great!  I was getting a bit burned out and bored, but now am feeling a renewal of my interest.  :-)

I plan to make a "birds nest necklace" this weekend using a tutorial I found via the The Southern Institute's "Creative Me Linky Party".  I'll post more on this after I make one.

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