Monday, June 18, 2012

A moment of reflection...

Even though I do enjoy jewelry making, I've noticed that at times I become a little too focused on the selling aspect of it.  Not surprising given that:

1.  I have a large stash of jewelry supplies I've acquired and want to make up the cost.

2.  The money helps with other expenses, including 'treats' for my kids, my husband, and myself.

3.  If people buy my stuff, it's an ego boost.

4.  If you believe in things like astrology, a decent amount of my planets are in Capricorn... making my chart a very interesting read, apparently.

I love making jewelry, but I was losing interest in it because of how much pressure I was putting on myself.

The funny thing is, when I decided to start taking a more relaxed approach to selling my items, increased my shipping time to give me some wiggle room, and just let things happen as they will... Well... That day, several items I had been listing for a while on Tophatter's auctions in Standby actually sold.

Another funny thing I've noticed is that the items I list on Standby (in Tophatter) seem to sell when I'm asleep or driving.  Basically when there is no way I can be present for the auction (because I have no cellphone currently, so it's not like I can receive an alert that my lot is up).  Items also seem to sell on Tophatter shortly after I list them on Etsy.  But I'm not complaining; I just find it all a little ironic.

In regards to Tophatter sales... I read that you should just keep listing the items because the buyer for that item will eventually show up.  And this is absolutely true!  Sometimes, your buyer just isn't there for a while.  Also, I find that it's best not to reflect on what a price drop some items are selling for, but rather see it as the items moving out fast, with some profit to make up for the cost of the materials and some of the time spent.  It's a good place to get things out faster than other venues and to see what items are a bigger hit than others. Tophatter is very much about concept items too... just to keep in mind for anyone that wants to sell there.


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