Monday, May 28, 2012

Ever Onward

Life continues ever onward, whether the movement seems in ebb or flow.

I've had a slew of jewelry orders, have been trying to sell items on (with mixed success), and continuing to live my daily life as mother, wife, daughter, sister, and corporate drone.  It's a juggling act so many people (women, in particular) perform every day.

During the work week, I'm a semi-single parent.  My work day is from 8am-4pm (or thereabouts) and my husband's work day is from 4pm to 12am.  Some people would say we are "like two trains passing in the night."  It's an adjustment, to say the least.

Never the less, I've been pressing forward with my jewelry making.  For a few weeks, I started looking into designer and haute couture jewelry trends and found some ideas I liked (and some things that made me scratch my head).  I also took a look at some DIY designer sites too... and let me say... I definitely plan to paint some of my jeans with metallic paint and maybe later I'll wax another pair of jeans if I find some in black or a fun color!

Other than being a "typical" Viking-esque mommy...

1.  Orders!  Orders!  Orders!!!

I've been working on a custom order for a high end Grandmother's Necklace for a very nice lady who also ended up purchasing three Mother's Necklaces from me for her daughters.  I also made three more items for a co-workers June wedding (two that she is gifting and one for her personally).  I made three new jellyfish necklaces that I have gifted to friends, as a reminder to "Just Keep Jellyfishing."  I created prototypes for two more items, for possible orders from two other customers (one repeat and one new).  The first item is the ring above and the second item is my first attempt at a barefoot sandal (for another wedding later this year).  Both prototypes turned out very well.

2.  Sales!  Sales!  Sales!!!

I've been trying to list things on Etsy and Tophatter.  Both have mixed results, which is understandable.  A lot of my items look so much better in person, especially the "fried" glass.  The interesting thing is seeing how different the interest in items are for each site (whether for other sellers' items and mine), and how much people are willing to pay for the items depending on the venue.  I'll keep using these venues, but am learning how to tailor my items to each.

3.  New Ideas and Directions...

But I'll get to that another time.

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